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Giv(e) and Tak(e)
Go forth and multiply! But first you have to introduce yourselves here. Dig a nice hole and plant your seed. Tell us why you are here. Tell us what are your goals and aspirations. Tell us what kind of things you are good at. Tell us even why you are not so good. I think you'll find that you won't be alone, your thoughts are nothing new, the only thing different is you. I guess I was trying to make a philosophical statement but I failed, but it's alright coz I can always change it later.
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Life is a mess and most times I never get to see the big picture. Can't see the forest from the trees? Need to step back awhile in order to reevaluate some priorities? I do. So I've setup a system that basically keeps track of the way things are going in my life. So basically this is my public info page where I store unimportant information about me. So basically I'm the main poster in this forum. So I can post anything I want. So I can access it anywhere. So it helps me think. So feel free to comment on what I got so far. So I can improve my style. So you can improve in your commenting skills. So what are you waiting for?
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What do you like about the site? What do you dislike? Is there something I'm missing here that should be included? Or is there something I'm including here that should be retitled? I try not to delete anything, and presumably all topics here are not always what they seem. So I try to expand on that and read between the lines, try to improve the content somewhat. And I can't think of anything else by myself so I'll be needing your help on that.
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Sensic(al) and Nonsensic(al)
Dont let your question go unanswered. If you're like me you want to remember what you thought about so many so and so years ago. If only you knew where to put it. Have a genie you'd like to bottle? We're your guys. We're not the smartest people in the world and we might not be able to answer your question but we will always consider you the greatest thing that's ever happened to us since... since tomorrow. Just remember tomorrow never comes. So enjoy your today and when your genie becomes vintage we'll toast to that.
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Stand up for what you believe in. If you believe you can stand up, then run. Run like a machine until you break down. If you believe you can run then fly. Fly like a peter pan in a food fight. Keep your hopes up, keep it sky high. I believe in HIS story, we keep telling it coz it's true. But there are relative truths, like the things that parents tell you that make them hypocrites. And absolute truth, which are hard to swallow, good and bad for you at the same time, like for example: ice cream!
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I like math and theories about math. here is where we post all sorts of alternative theory (fun stuff!). Got ebooks on math post it here. Got any stumpers, need your problem solved, can you tutor math, or are you just plain bad at math, heres the kicker you can post it here too. Well try to solve what we can, and what we dont solve makes us smarter right - more confused anyway.
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Work(ing) and Play(ing)
Anybody want to share a new joke or even an old joke, or if youre not a joker, just be seriously rational and say stuff like "I dont know any jokes but I know where I can find one." Or maybe you have an unfunny joke, more like some kind of fortune cookie wisdom. So if you ever happen to have a first encounter of the third kind with a chinese restaurant, or just have a strange encounter at all, give us a holler.
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I've been trying to come up with an idea to describe my idea. All I have is the seed of an idea. I still have to plant it someplace appropriate. Someplace like here. I wonder what would happen when it grows. I hope it grows. This is my place, to escape from reality. I can be somebody here. I hope to be somebody who can make a difference. But meanwhile let's have fun. Pretend. Hide and seek. Show and tell.
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Im not just a dreamer, I also have my sneakers planted solidly to the ground. Sometimes i dont know how they are attached to my body, but thats ok. I have you people to wonderfully help me. Talk about the weather or any current events I may be very likely to miss, coz i dont really read the news. I watch it unfold and have it accidentally happen to me, it's just that sometimes it's not necessarily convenient. Here you can also post your thoughts, mood swings in random directions, the normal processes of life.
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